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Meet the Team

Anthony and Teresa Machi are a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Finance. Teresa began her career in Portfolio Finance at a local Hedge Fund and progressed in her career as a Treasury Manager. Anthony also began his career at a well-known Financial Institution analyzing Mutual Funds and then worked for a law firm preparing financial reports for the CFO.


Early on in their careers in 2008, they decided they wanted financial freedom and went about that in a conservative manner by accumulating a Real Estate investment portfolio and receiving passive income while working in Corporate.


As they grew, they branched out to fix and flips, wholesaling, and private lending. All strategies have proven to be widely successful and continue to be part of their operations.



Apply to open a line of credit with us to fix and flip, buy and hold, or get cash out of a property.


Help us understand your project. Our team of experts can offer their insight to maximize your returns.


Make a profit on your investment projects with us. With our line of credit platform, you never have to reapply.

Cash Offers

If you are in a situation and you need to sell your home quickly, please contact us. We will buy your home, as-is, for cash. No repairs need to be done and often times, we will take care of the closing costs. We can close as soon as 7 days and you'll have nothing to worry about!


Earn a high rate of return safely by investing with Milwaukee Real Estate Solutions. Our years of real estate experience will guide you to financial success.  All private loans are secured with a standard note and mortgage to protect your investment. Each property is fully insured against loss and damages so that your money is protected.



We provide updated and quality rental properties at an affordable price.  Our real estate portfolio is mainly in Southeastern Wisconsin (Bay View and Town of Lake) but we also have units in Chicago..  Please reach out to us with any rental needs.


Let us help advise you in your real estate venture. Contact us today!

What is Milwaukee Real Estate Solutions?

We are a locally owned and operated Real Estate Investment firm specializing in funding acquisitions and rehab for investors in the Milwaukee area. We offer quality rentals at an affordable price and coaching, advising, and investment strategies for those interested in investing in Real Estate. The operation is run by Anthony and Teresa Machi, a husband and wife team, with backgrounds in Finance and generations of family experience in the real estate industry.  

Private Lending

We provide asset-based loans to real estate investors.  Funding can be used for acquisitions, renovations or both!  Terms are different for each investor; however,

a typical loan is interest only and  can range from 1  to 8 months. It's important that you understand the terms and have an exit strategy.​


Quick CloseGet deals done on your timeline. We can close with a new borrower in as little as two business days.


No Credit Score CheckRather than examine your FICO score, we prefer to focus on the quality of your projects and your experience in the field.


Flexible TermsWe offer you the flexibility to select your terms with an interest rate and point program that best fits your needs.


Words can't even express how awesome
it was to work with them! They are truly the experts when it comes to real estate!
- Matt L.
From start to finish, this team was professional, knowledgeable, flexible, available, innovative and patient.
Without a second thought I contacted Teresa about financing. Best lender, best landlord. Hands down!
- Zak H.
Teresa was exceptionally helpful, walking us through literally every step of the process.
We would recommend this team to anyone looking to give real estate investment a shot!
Great people to work with and establish a relationship with. Do what they can to help you succeed and make the process very easy.
- Nikolas Z.
This team is highly professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of investment real estate financing.
I would highly recommend them to anyone! You'll be money ahead!
Anthony and Teresa are the best in the business. I've invested with them and received incredible returns.
- Lina N.


Our clients view us as a cash partner and we create win/win scenarios.


  • Why do investors borrow from private lenders at high rates instead of going to a bank?
    There are several reasons: ​ With experience, we’ve learned in real estate that it’s not the cost of money that matters, but quick access to the funds so we can capitalize on opportunities. A good deal can go quickly and those investors who act fast can capitalize on the best deals and get the best profits. The key to this is to have access to funds quickly. ​ Private loans give the investor a competitive advantage over other investors who take weeks to go through the bank approval process in order to purchase properties. We typically can turn around funding in a few days while banks can take months. Sure, investors can go to a bank and borrow at lower rates; however, these transactions are time sensitive and by the time a bank approves a loan, the property will have an accepted offer. It is our ability to close on deals fast with cash that sets us out ahead of the competition and enables us to lock in the best possible purchase prices.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    It really depends. First and foremost, we are targeting accredited investors. ​ Each private loan that we offer is based on the particular project and our exit strategy with the property. Some properties we acquire and hold for the long-term. For these types of properties we may offer longer term loans at higher dollar amounts ($100,000 +). Typically, however, our minimum investment is $50,000. If you have a lower number in mind so you can experience our program at a lower initial investment, contact us to see if there’s a fit for us to work together.
  • How do I get started?
    Contact us! We handle all of the details for you. All you have to do is let us know how much you would like to invest and we’ll get you the proper paperwork to get the ball rolling and to protect your interest in the private loan. All of this costs you nothing. The borrower pays all costs.
  • What if I need to liquidate?
    If you want out, to be fair for all parties, a 60 day written notice is required because we will need to replace your funds with another investor’s funds. Truly, you really shouldn’t make private mortgage loans if you feel you will need the funds liquid in a short time frame, but the option is always available. Because of the costs associated with replacing your funds with another lender’s, a penalty of half of your accrued interest is assessed. Just call us, and we will handle all of the details.
  • Is my investment as safe as it sounds?
    When done with reputable and experienced investors like Anthony and Teresa Machi and Milwaukee Real Estate Solutions, being a private lender on low Loan-to-Value property is extremely consistent and predictable. We always follow these common sense guidelines. We view each private loan that we take on as a partnership. Therefore, we evaluate the loan as if we were to buy the property to ensure it makes sense for everyone. Remember that making loans is a business and should be treated like a business. If you set up a simple system and let the professionals implement the system, your loan portfolio can be hassle free and produce staggering yields.
  • What if a borrower defaults?
    There are several options available. First and foremost, please be aware that integrity and honesty are essential to our business and we only make sound investment decisions. If we produce even one negative result for an investor, that could affect our entire business in a negative manner. So, we operate our business in a way that we ensure our investors are taken care of each step of the way. If necessary, options include: 1. We could restructure the payout schedule on the note from the borrower. For example, instead of a 6 month duration we could extend it to 8 months as long as they continue to keep paying interest. In turn, there is more of a return for our investors. It's truly a win/win. 2. Place the signed deed in escrow and deed you the house. Our company would deed you the house, after which you are the owner of the property that we were able to purchase at a steep discount. You can then hold onto the property if you wish or turn around and sell the property to liquidate the asset. Because our investors typically loan 65% Loan-to-Value, the investor would take ownership of the property at a heavily discounted price should this situation occur. 3. As a last resort, you can simply foreclose. Because we pride ourselves in treating our investors fairly, we prefer not to let a situation get to this point. We would rather simply deed you the property than force you to foreclosure. Should foreclosure be the only option we will make it as painless as possible. If this happens, you will collect all accrued interest, your principal balance, and all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and all other expenses you have incurred in connection with your loan. In the event you wind up with the house, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it. It can be sold immediately at a fair market price and still produce a profit above and beyond the already high yield on your loan.


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 262.264.8606 or fill out the form.

CALL US TODAY!   262.264.8606


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